Potted Microsorum Pteropus Var. 'Cross'

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Microsorum 'Cross' is a rare variant of Microsorum Pteropus. It's growth and requirement is similiar to its well known relative Java Fern. 'Cross' main difference is it's bright, forked growth making it look like a dancing flame. 

Immerse your aquatic realm in the captivating beauty of the Microsorum Pteropus, a true masterpiece of the underwater world. With its unique and striking appearance, this aquatic fern adds a touch of natural elegance to your aquarium, transforming it into a mesmerizing aquatic paradise.

Boasting vibrant, lustrous green fronds that gracefully sway in the water currents, the Microsorum Pteropus, also known as Java Fern, stands out as a focal point in any aquatic landscape. Its finely textured leaves create an ethereal ambiance, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned aquarists seeking to enhance their aquascape.

One of the standout features of the Microsorum Pteropus is its incredible adaptability. Flourishing in a variety of water conditions, this fern thrives in low to moderate lighting, effortlessly adapting to your tank's unique environment. Whether your setup features natural lighting or artificial illumination, the Java Fern remains resilient and retains its vibrant coloration.

Caring for the Microsorum Pteropus is a breeze, making it a favorite among aquarists. Simply attach the fern to driftwood, rocks, or substrate using its rhizome, and observe as it establishes itself over time. Its slow growth rate ensures that maintenance is minimal, allowing you to relish in its captivating beauty without constant upkeep.

Elevate your underwater paradise with the enchanting Microsorum Pteropus. Elevate your aquatic design to new heights with this timeless botanical treasure. Add the Java Fern to your collection today and experience the enchantment of this aquatic marvel.

Planting Tips:

  1. Ideal Placement: Choose a suitable location in your aquarium, terrarium, or paludarium that receives low to moderate lighting. Avoid strong direct light to prevent algae growth on the leaves.

  2. Rhizome Placement: Gently attach the Microsorum Pteropus to driftwood, rocks, or substrate using its rhizome. Ensure the rhizome is above the substrate to prevent rot.

  3. Water Conditions: Maintain stable water parameters with a temperature range of 68-82°F (20-28°C) and a pH level between 6.0 to 7.5. Regular water changes are essential for a healthy environment.

Care Guidelines:

  1. Low Light Tolerance: The Microsorum Pteropus thrives in low to moderate lighting conditions. Position it in shaded areas of your tank to prevent excessive algae growth.

  2. Limited Fertilization: This fern requires minimal fertilization. Use a liquid fertilizer focused on micronutrients if needed. Avoid over-fertilizing, as it can lead to algae issues.

  3. Rhizome Care: As with the Anubias, do not bury the rhizome. Allow it to rest on the substrate or be lightly covered. Burying can lead to rot.

  4. Prune Wisely: The Microsorum Pteropus grows slowly, reducing the need for frequent pruning. Trim dead or decaying leaves for optimal aesthetics.

  5. Compatibility: Its sturdy leaves make it compatible with various tank inhabitants. It provides excellent hiding spots for small fish and fry.

  6. Quarantine New Additions: Prior to introducing new Java Ferns, quarantine them to prevent potential pest or disease issues in your main tank.

  7. Gentle Cleaning: If algae accumulates on the leaves, gently clean them with a soft brush during water changes to maintain their vibrancy.

  8. Patient Observation: Allow time for the Microsorum Pteropus to adjust and grow in your tank. Consistent care will reward you with its stunning development.

Unlock the allure of the Microsorum Pteropus in your aquatic realm. Following these planting and care instructions, you'll create a captivating haven that exudes both natural beauty and tranquility. Watch in awe as the Java Fern flourishes and transforms your aquatic landscape into an enchanting underwater sanctuary.

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