Our Plant Sanitation Process

Like most of you, we started our aquarium journey as hobbyists. So it's our top priority to supply our customers with the quality that we would expect. We guarantee the best quality and satisfaction. One of the ways we do that is by sanitizing the plants we receive from our growers. We take a lot of pride in maintaining a pest and bacteria free plant from our tanks to yours. We take a few extra steps that most suppliers don't do.

Plant Package

Initial Rinsing


Remove Loose Debris and Dead Leaves

When we receive our plants from our distributor they come packaged as shown in the image to the right. These plants were grown in and shipped from Florida and we don't know the exact conditions of the water they came from. The first step in our sanitary process is to remove any loose debris and dead leaves.


Chemical Bath Container

Plant Bath


Chemical Bath

Once the dead leaves and debris are removed, we move on to a chemical "dip". The leaves are held in a mixture for a few seconds to kill any bacteria and critters that have come along for the ride. We keep the roots out of the mixture during this step as keeping roots healthy and undamaged is important for having them thrive when they arrive at your door.


5-Hour Plant Soak


Agitate and Rest

After the chemical dip our plants will be agitated in clean, dechlorinated water. They will rest here for 5 hours. This step ensures the plants have been fully cleaned and are ready to enter our holding tanks. After 5 hours they will be visually inspected for any signs of bacteria and critters.


Plants Ready to Ship


Squeaky Clean

Once the plants have been visually inspected after their rest they go right into our holding tanks ready to be packaged and shipped to your door.