Potted Microsorum Pteropus 'Java Fern'

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Microsorum pteropus is a water fern that grows 15-30 cm tall and should be grown on wood or stone (attach with fishing line until it has gained a hold). If it is planted in the bottom, do not cover the rhizome because it will rot.

Natural History

Microsorum pteropus, commonly known as Java fern after the Indonesian island of Java, can be found in Malaysia, Thailand and some regions of China. It is a highly variable plant with several different geographic varieties that vary in leaf size and shape. Found in its natural habitat growing attached to roots and rocks, it can grow in both fully and partially submerged environs.

Pro Tips

This plant is easy to propagate by splitting the horizontal rhizome. Sometimes plantlets start to grow on the leaf edges and if you leave these intact long enough, you'll get a plant you can detatch and grow. Note that the black spots under the leaves are sporangia (reproductive organs) and not signs of disease as many believe.

Type: Rhizomatous
Origin: Asia
Growth Rate: Slow
Light Demand: Low
CO2: Low


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Potted Microsorum Pteropus 'Java Fern'
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