Potted Bacopa Caroliniana

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  • Potted Bacopa Caroliniana
  • Potted Bacopa Caroliniana
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Bacopa caroliniana originates from US and has been used as an aquarium plant for many years. Its slow growth rate makes it one of the few stem plants that do not need much attention. It has few demands and thus very convenient for beginners. Coloration is generally greenish yellow, but under intense light or in the upper portions of the aquarium, growing shoots will often gain a pinkish or copper-brown color.

Natural History

Bacopa caroliniana is a perennial creeping herb. The leaves of this plant are succulent, smell of lemon if crushed, and are relatively thick. Leaves are oblanceolate and are arranged oppositely on the stem. The flowers are blue, with five petals. In the wild it grows in bog or semi-submersed conditions, adapting well if flooded and fully submerged.

Pro Tips

Like most stem plants, it is most decorative when planted in small groups. Easy to propagate by cuttings; take a side shoot and plant it in the bottom. Removal of the central growth tip will produce numerous side shoots within a few weeks. These can be removed near their attachment to the primary stem and secured in the substrate, where they will rapidly take root.

Type: Stem
Origin: North America
Growth Rate: Slow
Light Demand: Low
CO2: Low

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