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Narrow Leaf Java Fern Bundle

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Narrow Leaf Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus var. "Narrow") is a very attractive, popular, and low-maintenance plant for the freshwater aquarium. Its long, bright green leaves provide an attractive aquascape as well as important refuge and grazing area for shrimp and fish as well as fry. Unlike many plants, Narrow Leaf Java Fern attaches itself to and propagates on aquarium décor.

Natural History

Microsorum pteropus, commonly known as Java fern after the Indonesian island of Java, can be found in Malaysia, Thailand, Northeast India and some regions of China. Several cultivars of Java fern exist, including the "narrow leaf", "needle leaf", "Windelov", "trident", and "lance leaf" variants.

Pro Tips

Narrow Leaf Java Fern should not be planted with its rhizome (roots) buried in the substrate because it will rot and recede. Due to its thin leaves, it should not be housed with large crayfish, medium to large cichlids, goldfish, or any other animals that are prone to excessively picking at plants.

Type: Rhizomatous
Origin: Asia
Growth Rate: Slow
Light Demand: Low
CO2: Low

Family Name: Polypodiaceae
Lighting: Low
pH: 5 - 8
Growth Demands: Easy
Growth Form: Rosette
Growth Rate: Slow
Placement: Midground

1 Review

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    Narrow Java Leaf Fern Bundle

    Posted by Lenore on 2019 Jul 31st

    Great healthy clean plant with good root structure. I have had no issues, and had no die off after planting it. I divided the bundle between two tanks and in both situations they are doing great.