ISTA Disposable CO2 Supply Set - Basic 95g

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ISTA Disposable CO2 Supply Set is the perfect solution for precise CO2 dosing for small aquariums. CO2 addition benefits the growth of all plants and improves colour development.

How to use the product

  1. Ensure that the regulator is fully off before you mount the regulator on the CO2 cartridge.
  2. Fill the diffuser-chamber with water.
  3. Place the cartridge in the rack, slide the suction cups on the hose and mount the hose to the regulator and the diffuser.
  4. Mount the diffuser with the suction cups at the inner side of the tank near the bottom and place the hose in the back corner.
  5. Leave the diffuser for 24h in the tank to ensure that the ceramic disc is fully moistened.
  6. Open the regulator carefully and count the number of bubbles per minute in the diffuser-chamber.
  7. Wait 5 minutes, adjust and repeat until the number of bubbles per minute is similar to the recommendation in the table.

 The table shows recommended dosage (bubbles per minute) in different tank sizes. A 95 g CO2 cartridge contains 50,000 ml CO2.


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ISTA Disposable CO2 Supply Set - Basic 95g
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