Didiplis Diandra (Tissue Culture)

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  • Didiplis Diandra (Tissue Culture)
  • Didiplis Diandra (Tissue Culture)
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Didiplis diandra, also known as Water Hedge, is a stem plant which can be found growing in lakes and streams throughout the United States. It's a beautiful addition to an aquarium thanks to the thin, needle like leaves that can exhibit bright red tips when grown under high light along with fertilization and CO2. In order to achieve a bushy effect, this plant is best grown in groups or bunches.

Natural History

This plant originates from the east of the USA, where it can be found on the edges of ponds, lakes and on slow-flowing water bodies. It is considered endangered in some states.

Pro Tips

As with other stem plants, propagation is simple and straightforward. Simply cut anywhere along the stem and replant the cuttings. In order to keep this plant growing low and spreading runners laterally, trim frequently and grow it under high light.

Type: Stem
Origin: USA
Growth Rate: Slow
Light Demand: Medium - High
CO2: Low

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