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AquaClip Plant Holder

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AquaClip Aquatic Plant Holder – Elevate your aquarium aesthetics and nurture your aquatic plants like never before!

Are you tired of limiting your aquatic plant choices to only those that thrive underwater? Say goodbye to those restrictions with the innovative AquaClip Aquatic Plant Holder. Designed to effortlessly attach to the sides of your aquarium, this versatile holder allows you to showcase a variety of captivating plants that can grow both in and out of water, transforming your tank into a lush and vibrant underwater garden.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Integration: The AquaClip seamlessly blends into the aesthetic of your aquarium, ensuring that the focus remains on your beautiful aquatic plants.

  2. Expand Your Plant Variety: With the AquaClip, you're no longer limited to submerged plants. Embrace a whole new range of flora, including dracaena, pothos, and other fascinating plants that can thrive both within and above the waterline.

  3. Easy Installation: Designed for convenience, the AquaClip attaches securely to the sides of your tank without any tools or special skills required. Its durable clip design ensures a snug fit while maintaining stability, even as your plants grow.

  4. Enhanced Plant Growth: Elevate your aquarium's ecosystem with the unique placement of plants. The AquaClip allows for better exposure to light and air, promoting healthy growth and lush foliage.

  5. Customizable Aquascape: Let your creativity run wild as you design captivating aquascapes that combine underwater and above-water greenery. Achieve stunning contrasts and depth in your aquarium that will leave a lasting impression.

  6. Sturdy and Safe: Crafted from high-quality materials, the AquaClip provides a safe and stable environment for your plants without compromising the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants.

  7. Low Maintenance: Keeping your plants healthy is effortless with the AquaClip. Easily remove, trim, or replant your above-water foliage without disrupting the underwater balance of your tank.

Transform your aquarium into a breathtaking underwater haven that combines the best of aquatic and terrestrial flora. With the AquaClip Aquatic Plant Holder, your imagination knows no bounds as you create mesmerizing displays that enhance the beauty of your underwater world. Elevate your aquarium experience today!

Note: AquaClip is suitable for most aquariums (15CM Max rim clearance) and can accommodate a range of plant species. Always ensure compatibility with the specific plants you choose to feature in your aquarium.

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Walter Murray (Facebook)

Keep up the great work Aquascaperoom!

just placed my third order I'm sure I'll be as happy as I was with last 2 orders can't wait for my new plants thanks in advance aquascape room

Walter Murray (Facebook)

Meghan Davidson (Google)

Only the best!

Amazing quality plants and amazingly packed! I don't think I will buy my aquatic plants from anywhere else! Also, amazing customer service! My LONGWEEKEND code didn't work so they refunded me the difference the next day! Highly highly recommend!!! Thank you so much aquascaperoom!!!

Meghan Davidson (Google)

John Burrows  (Google Review)

Willing To Help!

100% satisfied with the service I received. I am new to the hobby and Leo took the time to answer any questions I had and even suggested a few products to help my plants thrive in their new home without harming any live stock.

John Burrows (Google Review)

Vincent Leroux  @drinksandscapes

Great Local Business

I have been in contact with the store since January in order to get the right selection of plants. Even with the pandemic and lack of supplies they were able to get my full selection which was pretty big. The quality of Tropica plants are impeccable. They answered all my questions and help me out with many tips regarding how to best plant my selection. If you wish to support a local business and get the best selection of plants 100% recommend using Aquascaperoom Canada.

Vincent Leroux @drinksandscapes

Andrew Wilson  (Google Review)

Amazing Service

Great service. On time Toronto pick-up. Received a follow-up email from Leo the next day asking about my satisfaction with their products and service. That doesn't happen everyday and it was very much appreciated. I will buy from Aquascaperoom again soon.

Andrew Wilson (Google Review)

Juan Miguel C. Jara (Facebook)

Best Customer Service!

Such an amazing customer service. I ordered a few plants and some didnt look too good. I contacted them and they responded quickly. They took time to help me and walked me through what to do with the plants. They are very kind and understanding. I will be purchasing more from them in the future.

Juan Miguel C. Jara (Facebook)

Brittany Osmond (Facebook)

Only the best!

I’ve been using live plants in my aquariums for a little over two years. I get a lot of them from the aquascaperoom website. I have never had any problems, all the plants arrive very healthy and I bought their fertilizer tablets and liquid fertilizer and both are amazing for helping keep my plants healthy. They got so much variety on the website and the shipping is amazing. I can’t recommend them enough, you won’t be sorry you bought plants from this amazing business.

Brittany Osmond (Facebook)

Jenna Phinney  (Facebook)

⭐10 out of 10

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 10 stars would be a far more accurate rating

Jenna Phinney (Facebook)

Jonathan Podzyhun @greatascape

Aquascaperoom Is Excellent !

Excellent customer service , great products!

Jonathan Podzyhun @greatascape

Josh Payne (Facebook)

A+++ 5/5 Stars!

Great quality plants! Arrived super healthy and look forward to doing business in the future! A+++ 5/5 stars highly recommend!

Josh Payne (Facebook)

Michael Pace (Facebook)

10 out of 10!

I place a very rushed order and contacted them to see if i can pickup in person .. they worked with me 100% and i was able to meet and pickup .. that shows that they really care about customers and their needs .. i was so happy and grateful i will for sure be ordering from them again in the future

Michael Pace (Facebook)

Isobel Springett (Facebook)


My plant order came fast and was in excellent condition. They're all thriving and were obviously well cared for before shipping. Great service and I'll be ordering again.

Isobel Springett (Facebook)

Amanda MacKinnon (Facebook)

Express Shipping with DOA!

The customer service here was absolutely above and beyond! I had 2 items arrive in not so good health but that probably happened during shipping and not because of the company, regardless I was refunded the 110% store credit for the items. Everything was well packed upon my next order and even came with a 72hr heat pack for the plants! I will do a lot more shopping here and will recommend it to anyone! Thank you Aquascaperoom!

Amanda MacKinnon (Facebook)