APT P/ Pure (Water Conditioner)

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The 360o water conditioner.
Comprehensive and super-concentrated formula removes chlorine & chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.
Contains soothing Aloe Vera extract.

Dose 1ml per 60L
Dose up to 5X recommended dosage as an emergency tool to detoxify Ammonia.

Treats 12,000L / approx 3000+ Gal.

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APT P/ Pure (Water Conditioner)
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The #1 algae trigger is decomposing organic matter. Remove all decaying leaves. Stem plants require replanting after pruning a few times. Unlike terrestrial hardwoods, older aquatic stems generally deteriorate over time. Remove and discard old stems and roots. 

Instead of simply draining water, use a pipette or turkey baster to gently stir up detritus on the surface of plants and substrate. Take care not to stir up deeper levels of the substrate. Vacuum the detritus away while draining away around 40% of the tank's water.

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