APT F/ Fix (Algae Treatment)

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The smarter way to treat algae.
Especially effective for BBA, hair/string/fuzz and most forms of filamentous algae.
Gently biodegrades completely.

Spot-dose up to 1ml per 10L every 24 hours.

Our signature Standard Pack comes with a calibrated spot-dosing pipette.

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APT F/ Fix (Algae Treatment)
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This shows the result of a single dose of APT Fix via the drain-dose method. By Day 2, the hair-algae has lost some of its green color. By Day 5, all the hair algae has been deactivated. You can remove it completely using a fine brush. 

This shows the result of a single dose of APT Fix via spot-dose method. By Day 2, the inactive BBA would usually change color to red and/or white. These would either decompose, or serve as food for algae-eaters and other microorganisms. By Day 7, the leaf is now mostly free of algae.

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