1-2-Grow! Taxiphyllum Barbieri (Java Moss)

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Java moss is the most popular aquarium moss there is. It is very undemanding regarding water parameters and lighting, but looks best under strong light and a good nutrient supply. Taxiphyllum barbieri is rather fast-growing and attaches quickly to all surfaces, which makes it an ideal moss for accentuating the hardscape or for hiding technical equipment in the tank.

Natural History

Taxiphyllum barbieri is most commonly called Java moss, and it is the most popular and the most wide-spread aquarium moss there is. Often it is mistaken for Vesicularia dubyana, however, as early as 1982, the moss expert Zennosuke Iwatsuki identified Java moss he got from aquarists as Taxiphyllum barbieri. Some years ago, his results were published to a large audience (Benito C. Tan & al. 2004); in this publication, T. barbieri is called Java moss and the real Vesicularia dubyana is given the name Singapore moss. Unfortunately, the authors were unaware that the original Java moss cultivated in Europe over 50 years ago was indeed Vesicularia dubyana and that it was more or less completely supplanted by the faster-growing Taxiphyllum barbieri, which was introduced to the hobby later.

Pro Tips

The longer you leave moss untouched, the tidier the growth will be. However, if the moss gets too thick, the parts no longer getting light will turn yellow. To mitigate this, trim layers away as they grow.

Type: Moss
Origin: Asia
Growth Rate: Medium
Light Demand: Low
CO2: Low


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