ZooMed Betta Mopani Driftwood (2-4 Inches)

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The Betta Mopani Wood creates the increasingly popular "dark water" effect which simulates a bettas's natural habitat. In turn, this can encourage natural behaviours, such as bubble nesting. The wood also provides additional shelter, interest, and enrichment which may help reduce stress.

Aside from it's health benefits, it showcases deep ridges, swirls and nooks on it's darker side while the lighter wood colour on the opposite is mostly smooth. 

 * Product Show in picture is for reference only. 
 * Zoo Med's Betta Mopani Wood is 3-4Inches in size

Zoo Med’s Betta Mopani Wood is a natural wood item that is designed to make the water chemistry of your Betta tank closer to what a Betta would experience in the wild. By placing this small piece of Mopani wood in your Betta tank it will naturally leach “tannins” which will give the water a light to dark brown tint plus lower the pH of your water. (Bettas in the wild live in water naturally tinted by decaying wood and leaves and with a lower pH.) Should the water be too dark brown or not to your liking you can remove the Mopani wood and soak in a clean container of water continually changing the water until the shade goes from a dark brown to light brown or clear.

If using a filter with your Betta fish you can add carbon to the filter which will also remove the brown tint. Please contact customer service should you have any further questions.

  • Creates “dark water” effect, simulating the bettas’ natural habitat
  • Encourages natural behaviors, such as bubble nesting
  • Can provide additional shelter which may help reduce stress
  • Adds interest and enrichment to betta tanks