Potted Bucephalandra sp. 'Red'

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Red Bucephalandra varieties, potted. 

In nature, Bucephalandra usually grows on rocks or wood in rivers and streams - much like Anubias, which they resemble regarding use and care in the aquarium.

The creeping stem, rhizome, must not be covered when planting. This will cause the plant to rot and die.

Type: Rhizomatous
Origin: Asia
Growth rate: Slow
Light demand: Low
CO2: Low

1 Review

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    Arrived with Flow Buds!!!

    Posted by Liam Kelly on 2018 Dec 26th

    Such a nice plant. It arrived with a beautiful root system and several flower buds that are just starting to open in my tank. I couldn't be happier. While buceps are slow growers, I can already see this starting to thicken up. Also, worth noting that my plant is nicer looking, has more branches, and is generally bushier than the one in the photo.