What? You thought we were gone for good? Not even close!
It's been some time since our last update but we have been up to our ears in work getting things ready to be moved. We'll be officially leaving Guelph next month and have a temporary location ready in Toronto to reopen Aquascaperoom while we establish a more permanent location.
To all our customers patiently waiting, we appreciate your feedback and check-ins during the last month.
Leo and Jay
AR Team


As we edge closer to our move we have made some adjustments to the business to allow for a easier move. The first major change is that will no longer be brining in fresh plants but rather liquidating our current stock to help lighten the move.
Another development in our plan is the possibility of a temporary location to run Aquascaperoom. The commercial space we are looking for is rather specific so it may take longer than we anticipate to secure. Another reason we may choose to do this is in the event we don't find an appropriate commercial space in time this will allow us to have a soft opening and bring in limited products for our customers to shop sooner rather than closing during that period.

Thank you to everyone continuing to wish us luck on this endeavor! It couldn't happen without all of your support!
We love you all!

Leo and Jay
AR Team

We first want to take the time to thank each and every one of our loyal customers, who over the last 4 years have supported and helped our small business grow. We have even had the pleasure of meeting some of you through local pickups. When we first started Aquascape Room back in 2017, we never expected it to grow to where it is today. We could not have got here without you guys.
Let’s start with the news…
We (Jay and I) are moving... Yes, we are leaving Guelph Ontario and moving to Durham region. (For those not familiar with these areas, the distance between is about 120 KMS). This means Aquascape Room is going to need a new location and everything will need to relocate.
For those of you that have been following us for some time will remember the renovation we had for Aquascape Room earlier in the year. The renovation’s purpose was to streamline our processing, shipping and free up space for our storage temporarily while we decided where we were relocating. Now that we have a general location, we are using the opportunity to invest heavily in finding a permanent commercial space for Aquascape Room- much larger than what we currently have in Guelph.
So, what does this mean for Aquascape Room?
We will be slowing down significantly during the time we move and establish a new commercial location. We anticipate this to happen during the months of August and September.
As always, we will keep you guys updated as things progress.
Looking forward to the future!
Leo & Jay
AR Team