Dwarf Lily (Nymphaea Stellata)

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Nymphaea Stellata comes as a bulb with roots and petals. Its a beautiful aquarium plant and very unique at the same time. Its great for beginners and will continue to grow and send runners out which can be cut and planted elsewhere in your tank.  
No special care is needed for Dwarf Lilies to do well.
Plant the bulb 1/4 of the way in your substrate.

2 Reviews

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    Posted by Christine Dinel on 2019 May 24th

    Just got my 2nd order n couldn't be happier! They really know what they're doing 2 get healthy plants to your door. Lily has tons of leaves n a few small plants attached, can't wait 2 get them in the tank. Excellent service! :)

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    The main attraction in my aquarium

    Posted by Carolyne on 2019 Apr 27th

    This is a most unique and beautiful plant. I'm always curious to see the growth of this plant as it changes daily. I already have two runners that have surfaced and a third one coming! The second is getting close to opening up. I love how they spread out on the surface of the water like lily pads, and they seem to keep growing! I have the bulb planted almost half way in the substrate and it is thriving. Absolutely beautiful in my 10 gallon. So glad I ordered this plant!