Potted Cryptocoryne Parva

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Crypt Parva is one of the smallest species of Cryptocorynes. It is suitable as a foreground and midground plant. Compared to other Cryptocorynes, it has a very slow rate of growth and can require more light. Cryptocoryne Parva is extremely slow growing and will require patience to achieve lush growth.

Natural History

Cryptocoryne parva, the smallest known water trumpet species, has its origins in the central highlands of Sri Lanka near Kandy city. It grows in dense colonies on riverbanks there. Recently it has been scarcely collected in the wild, and it is possibly to be considered an endangered species.

Pro Tips

It needs more light than most other Cryptocorynes because it almost loses its leaf plate under water. So, it must never be overshadowed by other plants. Individual plants should be planted a few centimetres apart, and after about six months they will form a cohesive low group of plants.

Type: Rosulate
Origin: Asia
Growth Rate: Slow
Light Demand: Medium
CO2: Low


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