Wabi -Kusa Ball *WBKS

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Dive into the world of Paludariums!
Get started with the Japanese art of 'Wabi-Kusa'- a beautiful form of emersed plant arrangement on a soil ball. 
The ball is packed with nutrients that will feed the plants you choose to create your unique design. 
Each ball is approximatly 3-4 inches in diameter. Sizes may vary due to its nature.
How to Prepare:
1. Soak ball for 30 - 60 mins
2. Wrap cotton string to attach moss of your choice as the base of your creation
3. Carefully make holes with your aquascaping tool to plant stems of plants ie. Bacopa Caroliniana 
4. Ensure the bottom of the Wabi-Kusa ball is submersed in water. 
5. Enjoy your beautiful one-of-a-kind creation!

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