Vesicularia Montagnei (Christmas Moss) Mat 3" x 3"

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Vesicularia montagnei is a creeping moss. This moss is easily propagated by cutting off parts that then keep growing independently.

Natural History

The Christmas moss (Vesicularia montagnei) was described by Broth. It belongs to the family Hypnaceae under order Hypnales of class Bryopsida. The mature frond hangs down and overlaps each other like the branches of a Christmas tree which give the common name 'Christmas moss'. It is found mainly emersed, e.g. on moist shaded riverbanks and on moist forest soil.

Pro Tips

They have a rather regular growth habit and have dense lateral shoots (under low light, this moss does not ramify well, though). Grown "fronds" of submersed plants have a triangular outline and an overhanging habit, however, not as bowed-down as those of Vesicularia ferriei (weeping moss).

Type: Moss
Origin: India, Japan, Philippines and Thailand
Growth Rate: Low
Light Demand: Medium
CO2: Low