Spiderwood *SP0401M

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Spider Wood has become a leading driftwood in the aquarium hobby over the past several years. It is very distinctive in its light tan coloration, smooth texture, and network of very complex, twisting branch structure, especially in larger pieces. Spider wood is easy to use and seemingly any way you arrange it can turn into a natural masterpiece. This driftwood can be embellished by attaching plants.

Driftwood can leech tannins which can cause a slight yellow or brown tint to your water. This is natural and the effects will reduce over time. Boiling the wood prior to use can decrease the tannins that leech into your aquarium.

Spider Wood will float initially if it is not boiled and/or weighed down, but usually sinks within a few days.


You will receive the exact item in pictures/ 360° viewer

9x11x8 (L x W x H Inches)



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