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Sleek & Powerful

This Sleek design is made for and by aquascapers and nano tankers. The swivel base makes it easy to get your tongs and scissors wet when trimming and adjusting your scape to be just perfect.

ColorFull LED Technology designed to provide the wavelengths required by plants but also complements the spectrum of other bands, making the color more stereoscopic and vivid.

  • Built-in-memory
  • 360º Swivel ability for easy maintenance
  • 0n/off, 3- level dimming via touch
  • Dimmable: Increments of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%
  • Brightness Memory: Brightness level will be stored so easy use with timers
  • Gradual increase and decrease in lighting intensity: naturally simulating sunrise and sunset to mimic aquatic inhabitants natural habitat.

Lights that inspire

Give yourself the reason to finally create that perfect nano tank that you can be proud of. ONF Flat One lighting allows for easy, moderate and advanced plants to grow easily.

With full adjustment increments of 25%, 50%, 70% and 100% you can choose the best output for your plants and setup.