Potted Rotala 'Ceylon'

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Rotala sp. "Ceylon" is a fast growing, hardy, and easy to grow stem plant. It is light green in color, however, under strong light it can develop a pinkish color. When compare to Rotala Green, this plant has thinner leaves and stems and gives an overall "lighter" weight impression. In aquascaping, this is a great "neutral" plant to use in the background and accentuates and compliments well with focal or red plants. No matter how many times you trim it this plant will almost always grow back nice and full. Once planted, it will almost never need to be replanted, a good characteristic for use in a planted tank that is meant to be kept for long term.


Type: Stem

Origin: Asia

Growth Rate: Medium

Light Demand: Low

CO2: Low

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Potted Rotala 'Ceylon'
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