Potted Juncus Repens

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Juncus Repens is part of Juncaceae family and is the only species that is commonly kept in planted aquarium tanks. Featuring long stems with narrow leaves, Juncus Repens seemingly appears as a hybrid between stem and rosette aquatic plants. As the rest of the species family is generally kept as pond plants, Juncus Repens can be grown submersed or emersed. Typically non-demanding, Juncus Repens is considered a low maintenance aquatic plant that will adapt fairly well to a wide range of aquarium conditions. Its coloration is usually green, but when provided with quality aquarium lighting, the aquatic plant can exhibit tinges of rich red-brown hues.
Propagation is simple and can be done by trimming the stem above the node and replanting in a quality aquarium substrate.

Growth Rate: Moderate
Light Demand: Low- Medium 
CO2: Medium