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Potted Dwarf Chain Sword

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Chain Swords are one of the faster/ easier carpets to grow. If you are new to the hobby and want an easy to grow carpeting plant this is the right one for you. 

Plant it in gravel and watch it send runners along the substrate and get a nice full bushy carpet!



8 Reviews

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    Easy carpet plant!

    Posted by Liam Kelly on 2018 Dec 26th

    This plant is great. I decided to break it out of the pot and into smaller pieces to try and start a bit of a carpet. Even without co2 this plant took root right away and is already shooting up new growth. It is clearly thriving and arrived with zero yellow or brown. All fresh green growth.

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    Arrived in good condition and doing well

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 May 24th

    This product arrived in good condition. It was a big enough bunch to give me three separate small bunches to plant around my tank. It is doing well in my tank.

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    Dward chain sword

    Posted by Gary Taylor on 2018 May 16th

    Huge bunch of plants. Spread out it looks lovely in the big tank. I am looking forward to watching it spread more. Gorgeous plant.

  • 5
    nice plant

    Posted by errol on 2018 May 16th

    would purchase again

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    Awesome Plant

    Posted by Victoria on 2018 Apr 30th

    Arrived healthy, good size. Already starting to carpet/produce new growth! Would repurchase.

  • 5
    Wow nice plant

    Posted by Catherine Maurice on 2018 Mar 23rd

    Will buy again

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    Potted Dwarf Chain Sword

    Posted by robert neglia on 2018 Jan 18th

    very good condition, easily transferred from pot to substrate, could be a little larger.

  • 3
    Ok shape

    Posted by Randi on 2017 Nov 12th

    The plant arrived in ok shape, a few melted leaves. The roots were pretty smal compared to the last one I got. Plant seems to be settling in.