Potted Pogostemon Helferi 'Downoi' Red

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Type: Stem Origin: Asia Growth rate: Medium Light demand: Medium CO2: Medium…


Type: Stem
Origin: Asia
Growth rate: Medium
Light demand: Medium
CO2: Medium


Common Name: Downoi Red, Little Star

Pogostemon Helferi Downoi Red is a very rare, eye-catching aquatic plant that is native to rivers of Thailand.  These rivers have naturally occurring dissolved minerals, that are important for growth. Downoi Red will thrive in a hard water aquarium. The leaves are elongated and have frilled edges, making Downoi Red the perfect plant to add texture to any aquascape. This strain has pink to red veins that contrast well with the bright green leaves. Providing optimal growing conditions such as CO2 injection, high light, and a nutrient rich substrate will enhance the red coloration.

Downoi Red can be planted as a foreground or midground plant. Regular trimming will help train Downoi Red to grow compactly into a nice bush. Cutting can be replanted as a form of propagation. Given adequate time, Downoi Red can transition to grow in both emersed and submerged conditions. When being grown emersed, high humidity will ensure optimal growth.


  • Pogostemon Helferi Downoi Red can grown in both emersed and submerged conditions
  • Sudden changes in growing conditions may cause Pogostemon Helferi Downoi to melt.
  • Pogostemon Helferi Downoi final size, coloration and growth rate are dependent upon the condition of the environment. Photos are a representation of what you will receive and may vary.
  • Please research appropriately to ensure your plant thrives.

Each Pot Contains 1 Fully Rooted Head

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