'Blackwoods' Mixed Botanical Bundle

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  • 'Blackwoods' Mixed Botanical Bundle
  • 'Blackwoods' Mixed Botanical Bundle
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This botanical package includes various botanicals to enrich your aquarium’s overall vitality and offers that natural and textured look to any aquarium scape. Adding botanicals in your aquarium will help mimic your aquatic inhabitant's natural environment, as fruit pods, barks and leaves are found in lakes, streams and rivers all over the planet.

Catappa bark, Catappa leaves and Sea Grape leaves are all rich in humic acid and tanning agents which help fight against bacterial ailments, fungi spawn and the growth of blue algae (cyanobacteria). Not only do they promote the reduction of ph levels, they also provide perfect hiding nooks for your aquarium inhabitants keeping them healthy, stress free and happy! 

They can also be beneficial for the fish, especially being in a more natural environment without bright lighting helps keep their stress levels down and can be crucial when trying to breed some species.

Alder cones promote anti- fungal properties into the water and with its humic acid, it can reduce Ph water levels, helping to promote breeding. Alder cones, can be a natural food source for shrimp too!


This mixed botanical pack includes:

1 Sea Grape leaf

5 Catappa leaves

5 Alder cones

30 grams of Catappa bark



How to Get the 'Tint':

Botanicals can be used in your aquarium to achieve various outcomes. If your enjoy the 'tinted' look, these botanicals will help you get this without hesitation.

We recommend to boil all botanicals for approximately 40 to 60 minutes to clean away any bacteria, dirt and debris. Afterwards, allow your botanicals to sit over night in clean water, rinse, and place into aquarium. If they do not yet sink, you can weigh them down with stones, substrate ect. until they are fully waterlogged.

How to Get Minimal or No 'Tint':

Some Aquascapers prefer to have less of the 'tint affect' in the form of taninns released from botanicals. No problem! Repeat the boiling instructions above. Afterwards, soak botanicals in clean water for 2-3 weeks, ensuring water changes every 2 to 4 days. Once the botanicals are in the aquarium, you may have to do water changes more often depending on your desired level of tint. 

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