1-2 Grow Rotala 'Vietnam H'ra'

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Rotala sp. "H'Ra" has narrow leaves and develops a nice light orange to red colour under good lighting. It has the same elegant growth habit as the light green Rotala sp. "Green": overhanging to horizontal ramified stems.

Natural History

The plant has been named after its location H'Ra in the province of Gia Lai in central Vietnam. This plant is likely a variation of the species Rotala rotundifolia.

Pro Tips

High light levels, good fertilization and added CO2 will induce almost exclusively creeping growth and a warm, rich orange coloration. This makes it possible to create a dense, orange mid-ground cushion or even an unusual, orange foreground carpet.

Type: Stem
Origin: Asia
Growth Rate: High
Light Demand: Medium
CO2: Medium